Local NewsPlymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi and City Attorney Rick Gaul updated members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission on several projects during their meeting last week.

In TIF District #1 City Engineer Rick Gaul said the Hoham Drive project LPA contract was submitted to INDOT and currently waiting for notice to proceed on the design phase.

In TIF District # 3 Surrisi said the Aquatic Center Project has a lot going but not action items for the Redevelopment Commission to consider.  He suspects a number of actions to be handled by the commission at their February meeting along with a presentation.

In TIF District #4 Surisi said work was progressing on the River Gate South Residential Project until the extreme cold weather set in.  The contractor pulled off the job waiting for favorable working conditions.  Last week they were on site working on the south pedestrian bridge abutment, foundation and stormwater.   The quarterly payment of $182,285 was approved to the River Gate South Development.