Jefferson Elem. Ms. Nicole Burns' Room2018Jefferson Elementary School celebrated the 100th day of school on Monday by marking the big day in both preschool and kindergarten classes with activities involving the number 100. The lessons provided opportunities for students to practice math and also sharpen their observational skills.

Ms. Amy Borkholder’s Kindergarten Classroom2018Kindergarten Teachers Ms. Nicole Burns, and Ms. Amy Borkholder along with Jefferson preschool teachers all dressed up as 100-year-olds to celebrate the 100th day of school. Most of their students took part in dressing up as well.

Ms. Burns said, “100 consecutive days is a big deal, so we wanted to have a fun-filled day that not only celebrates good attendance but also teaches students about the number.”

Glasses with rhinestones, hats, sweaters, and scarfs were popular accessories that made for fun times and many laughs.

Students in kindergarten classes at both Webster Elementary School and Menominee Elementary School also took part in the 100th day of school celebration is their classrooms as well.

This article was written by Plymouth High School Advanced Career Marketing junior Diego Avalos. Senior Laura Orozco who is also in the Advanced level Career Marketing class captured the Jefferson photos provided below.

 Photo 1 – Ms. Nicole Burns’ Kindergarten Classroom

Photo 2: – Ms. Amy Borkholder’s Kindergarten Classroom


Ms. Sydney Gochenour's Classroom2018Photo 1: Ms. Sydney Gochenour’s Classroom

2 (8)Photo 2: Ms. Julie Good’s room

Ms. Kimberly Burnam's Room2018Photo 3: Ms. Kimberly Burnam’s Room