Culver Stellar Year RoundThe Stellar Communities Designation provides a four year time frame for completing Stellar Projects as presented in the Strategic Investment Plan. OCRA funded Stellar projects, including the Beach Lodge Renovations, creation of Cavalier Park, and Lake Maxinkuckee Programming projects are currently scheduled for late 2018 bidding and 2019 construction.

INDOT funded projects, which will undergo construction nearer to the end of our four year Stellar Designation, include Phase II of the Lake Maxinkuckee Trail, State Road 10 Sidewalks, and West Jefferson Street Gateway Projects.  IHCDA funding for Sand Hill Farm Phase II is currently projected for 2019 or 2020 construction.   All schedules are still tentative and subject to change based on availability of funds and project readiness. Complimentary projects, such as the Damore Amphitheater and Lake Maxinkuckee Trail Phase I projects are scheduled for construction this year!