Operation Quiet ComfortTypically Operation Quiet Comfort does not accept donations of items unless there are cleared and approve prior to collection.  There are a few items they send throughout the year that folks who want to assist can donate at any time.  These items include: PUZZLE BOOKS, word search and crossword books that have an approximate size of 5×8.

Operation Quiet Comfort has a immediate need for PENS but there is a particular style they are looking for, the click pens and not the ones with loose caps.

Other items that can be donated at any time include  the pocket size only of TISSUES and LIP BALM.

These items can be sent to Operation Quiet Comfort at 17671 13th Road in Plymouth, 46563 or you can drop them off at WTCA or ASK for Flowers.

Jan Houin, Shipping Coordinator and board member for Operation Quiet Comfort would also like to inform donors that they are only taking dark blue 100%cotton jeans at this time for the Four Freedoms Quilts.

Cards of appreciation and encouragement are always needed to let our troops know that a grateful nation truly cares.

For more information on Operation Quiet Comfort contact Jan Houin at 936-1424 or through email at janh@operationquietcomfort.com