SEED_Walmart shopping 2017Plymouth High School Science Teacher Lori McClellan and the twelve students who are part of this year’s SEED Club have been busy preparing for the club’s annual Give Back for Christmas program shortly after the school year started in August. McClellan said, “This is the fifth year the SEED Club has adopted a Plymouth family for Christmas through the Marshall County Neighborhood Center.” The acronym SEED stands for Students Engaged in Environmental Development. McClellan, the club’s sponsor, said their involvement is a way that the students can truly help serve the community. The Marshall County Neighborhood Center pairs the PHS SEED Club with a local family in need of assistance during the holiday season.

“This year, students in our SEED Club fundraised late October into November selling various fundraising products to build a fund so we could purchase gifts for our adopted family. Traditionally each year, we have also been able to purchase food for the families as well so they can enjoy a healthy holiday together with fewer worries,” said McClellan.

Seed_Tree 2017This year, she said the students raised close to $600. “We raised so much money we were also able to use some of the money to purchase necessities for a few of our PHS students in need and their families.”

This past Saturday, Mrs. McClellan and SEED Club members, sophomore Kaylynn Curley and freshman Jessie Cooper, went to Walmart and Martin’s Grocery Store in Plymouth to purchase Christmas gifts and food for their adopted family. Yesterday throughout the school day SEED Club members spent time wrapping the gifts for the Plymouth family.

Tuesday, the Plymouth family, who wishes to be anonymous, got to meet with students in the SEED Club as they picked up the items at Plymouth High School.

McClellan said, “Being part of this special Give Back for Christmas program teaches our SEED Club students each year so many lessons. They are able to see that our club can help make life less stressful for a family who is struggling to make ends meet during this important time of the year.”

If you, your organization, or business is interested in adopting a family for Christmas contact the Marshall County Neighborhood Center at (574) 936-3388 to learn about the options available.

Photo 1:  two PHS SEED Club members shopping on Saturday at Walmart.  Kaylynn Curley (10) (wearing a blue jacket), Jessie Cooper (9) (wearing a red jacket)

Photo 2: (L-R) Back Row: Jessie Cooper (9) and Peter Schumacher (9) Grace Allmon (11), Kaylynn Curley (10), Mackenzie DeJarnatt (9) and Meghan Ankney (10). Not pictured: Camila Palacios (12) Jennifer Torres (10), Grace Whitley (11), Mackenzie Whisman (11), Miguel Moreno (12)