NewsWard Byers, representing Drug Free Marshall County asked the County Commissioners approve the purchase of a 20 foot tandem axel trailer from Circle P Trailers in Argos to be used as a drug education trailer.

Byers said, “Drug Free has been looking for other ways to do community outreach for some time.  Drug Free Marshall County is charged through the State of Indiana with providing a drug education, prevention education and grant yearly to the criminal justice, prevention education and treatment throughout Marshall County.”  He explained that the funds come from countermeasure fees imposed on defendants by our local courts.  Individuals found guilty of drug convictions have to pay a countermeasure fee and that money goes to Drug Free.

Byers said the committee has pondered ways to do community outreach.  The idea the selected was a drug education trailer.  The enclosed trailer would have a mock bedroom as an educational component for parents and caregivers to see items that are drug references that they may not be aware of that their children may have in their rooms, shirts that they may wear, poster that they may have.  The room would show hiding places and what drugs look like as a reference for parents.

The trailer would be used at different festival, fairs and community events.  It would be available to various police departments in the county.

A quote received from Circle P Trailers in Argos was for $4,900.  The money to purchase the trailer would come from Drug Free Marshall County, Community Corrections and the Marshall County Sheriff.

The trailer will debut in the spring and the outside will have graphics displaying the drug education trailer.

The County Commissioners unanimously approved the purchase.