City NEwsIn accordance with the MS4 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System regulations the City of Plymouth must periodically conduct public surveys to determine the residents understanding of the MS4.

The survey was sent to residential customers with their water bills last year and the results were revealed to the Board of Public Works and Safety during Monday night’s meeting.

City Engineer Rick Gaul said the survey showed more interests in using the Yellow River for fishing, swimming and wading.  Survey results also noted that less people are putting fertilizer on their lawns and fewer are washing their vehicles at home.

Gaul noted that 80% of those who took the survey and returned it to the city said more enforcement of littering around the community should be done while 93% said it was important to them to have laws that protect the quality of our local river.

Response to the survey has dwindled.  In 2005 a total of 930 people returned the survey while in 2008 only 800 people did and in 2016 the survey response dropped to 586 residents.