County News_logoIt was recently brought to the attention of the Marshall County Commissioners that a contract with Doug Masterson for floor cleaning may be a liability since he is also head of the county’s maintenance.

Masterson has been caring for the county’s floors since 2009 when he was a part-time employee. The contract was for $850 a month or $10,200 yearly.

County Commissioner Mike Delp learned of the practice and contacted Waggoner, Irwin and Sheele, the county’s HR consultants.  His concern was that Masterson was receiving a 1099 as well as a W2 for his full time position and the job duties were similar.

Masterson presented two proposals from outside contractors to perform the same duties and their bids were much higher.

Commissioner Delp spent some time calculating and determined if the county paid Masterson over time for the floor cleaning the County would come out paying about half what they have been paying him.

Commissioner Kurt Garner noted that it would be logical and more economical to pay the overtime since the quotes provided were much higher.

The Marshall County Commissioners passes a motion unanimously allowing Doug Masterson to be paid overtime beginning January 1, 2018 to clean the county’s floors.