Monday evening during the Plymouth Common Council meeting, Mayor Mark Senter asked the city attorney to update council-members on a recent meeting with Jim Schellinger, Indiana Secretary of Commerce and Elaine Bedel the Director of the Indiana Economic Development Commission.

Sean Surrisi, City Attorney said Kevin Overmyer, President of the Marshall County Commissioners was able to put this meeting together, realizing the importance of making sure the state was aware of the recent announcements that Bay Valley and Del Monte will be closing their doors in Plymouth.  Overmyer, Surrisi, Mayor Senter and the head of MDEDC attended on behalf of the City of Plymouth.

Jerry Chavez, CEO of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation attended the meeting and provided statistics of available workforce, detailed information on the industrial plants and infrastructure capabilities in the city.

Surrisi said, “We could be a prime location for another food processing facility due to the capacity we have with the waste water plant and the ability to treat that type of wastewater.”

Schellinger has been very aggressive in pursuit of companies to locate in Indiana.  Recently he has been in India, Poland, Hungary, France and Japan meeting with corporations selling the benefits of locating in the Hoosier heartland.  He also works recruiting companies across the United States to relocate in Indiana.

Surrisi told the Plymouth Common Council, “It was a very productive meeting.”