Plymouth Color Logo2014The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety continued a discussion on the request of Van Vactor Farms to amend the current Land Sale Split Agreement in the TechFarm.

Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi presented the proposed “simple agreement” created by Van Vactor’s attorney Fred Jones.   The proposal calls for the creation of a three member committee: the Mayor, a representative of the Redevelopment Commission and a representative from Van Vactor Farms.  When there is a land sale in the TechFarm the committee would meet and determine the use of the proceeds from the sale with a priority of infrastructure improvements related to the TechFarm or possible price reduction incentives to buyers.

The initial agreement was prepared in 2007 by the City Attorney Nelson Chipman.  In 2010 the agreement was re-written to make the City of Plymouth recipient of proceeds and allow the city’s share to be placed in the Monetary Gift Fund under the Board of Public Works and Safety.

The city funds can be used with no restrictions, and just a couple of months ago the city decided to use the proceeds to help fund the development of a pedestrian bridge in River Park Square connecting to River Gate South.

City Councilman Jeff Houin was concerned that the agreement did not include enough details.  He was also concerned that the committee would be deciding on how the city’s money would be used.

Former city councilman Mike Delp recommended having the 3 member committee make a recommendation to the Board of Works for final determination on use of the land sale funds.

With a number of questions still unanswered the discussion will continue at their November 13th meeting.