wildlife food plotThe Marshall County Soil and Water Conservation District in Plymouth is offering free seeds to county residents to create a food plot.

A food plot is an annual or perennial planting of grain, legumes, and/or Forbes (wildflowers).  A food plot offers wildlife a place to forage for food in late fall, winter and early spring after field crops are harvested.  It is left standing over winter to encourage wildlife use.  Food plots are an excellent choice to encourage wildlife survival.  Deer, quail, turkey, rabbits and songbirds benefit from these food plots.  Seed should be planted in the spring and left standing over winter.  One food plot is recommended for every forty acres.

Marshall County Soil and Water Conservation District is happy to make this free seed available to Marshall County residents.  This year we have sorghum, sunflower and soybean seeds.  Please call 574-936-2024 x 3 to inquire about availability.  Seed is distributed on a first come, first serve basis.