ArgosElementary_Perseverance2017During the month of April, Argos Elementary School highlighted the character trait of PERSEVERANCE.  PERSEVERANCE tags were added to the Dragon Tags that students earned at the beginning of the month.  CONFIDENCE is the character trait for May.

Congratulations to our PERSEVERANCE Students of the Month:

Back row (Left to right): Abby Yazel, Kevin Arriaga, Austin Poland, Caleb Geldner, Alyssa Detwiler, Emilia Ness. Middle Row (left to right): Arayah Keim, Gabe McMillen, Franklin Sullivan, Kiley Fishburn. Front Row (left to right): Amillia Wilhelm, Aiden Singleton, Isaac Heck, Ayden Vanderweele.

Not pictured: Brinnley VanDerWeele, Alicea Auterson