Kurt Garner HomeOne of the earliest explorers and pioneer settlers in Marshall County, Robert Schroeder, built his estate in North Township in 1865.  Local architect and preservationist, Kurt Garner and his family, “lovingly” peeled back 150 years of layers on the historic farm to restore it to its original beauty and function.  During the next Brown Bag program at the Marshall County Museum, “Good Bones:  The Anatomy of a House,” on Friday, April 21 from noon – 1 PM, Garner will share the discoveries made, piece by piece, as they uncovered features that revealed how the house and farm buildings once looked and operated.

Kurt GarnerBring your sack lunch to the Museum at 123 N. Michigan St. in downtown Plymouth for an educational and entertaining program that celebrates our local history.  For more information call 574-936-2306.