phs_gymnastics_2017pairs-tourneyPlymouth High School gymnastics team competed in the Viking Pairs tournament on Saturday.  This competition pairs two gymnasts together to make one “team”.  Each gymnast in a pair competes two of the four events.  Their combined total is their paired team score.  Coach Jana Lyons said, “Lots of improved scores made this meet successful.” Freshman Kyla Heckaman improved her Beam score by a full point.  Senior Natasha Craft improved her Vault score by a full point, and Sophomore Madison Smith improved her Bars score by a full point.

Plymouth High School Gymnasts.  Pictured are:  Front Row- Breanna Wright, Olivia Waymouth, Ashly Deleon, Haylie McMillen.  Back Row: Andie Kizer, Kyla Heckaman, Ashlen McMillen, Julia Marohn, Madison Smith, Bailey Eveland, Morgan Stevens, Natasha Craft.



Pair 1 Bailey Eveland (Junior) – Kyla Heckaman (Freshman)

Bailey Eveland: Vault 8.45, Floor 7.9

Kyla Heckaman: Bars 7.5, Beam 8.65

Pair Total 32.5 (10th Place)


Pair 2 Natasha Craft (Senior) – Julia Marohn (Sophomore)

Natasha Craft: Vault 7.6, Beam 6.1

Julia Marohn: Bars 5.4, Floor 7.45

Pair Total 26.55


Pair 3 Madison Smith (Sophomore) – Morgan Stevens (Sophomore)

Madison Smith: Bars 4.8, Floor 7.5

Morgan Stevens: Vault 7.4, Beam 5.75


Plymouth’s gymnasts would like to invite everyone to their home meet on Saturday, January 14th.  Plymouth will host 10 teams at the