PLYMOUTH – For decades the pursuit of one creature has eluded mankind – from scientists dedicated to its study to those literally obsessed with it’s capture. Now the questions can finally be answered as a pair of local radio personalities have captured the creature known in many cultures as Yeti, Sasquatch and Big Foot.


Mark Lindsey and Joe McKee – co-hosts of As We See It, each Wednesday afternoon at 4 p. m. on WTCA AM 1050 and FM 106.1 in Plymouth – believe they have made one of the great scientific finds of the 20th century, and are hoping it could possibly end up helping the Marshall County Humane Society. The pair claim that they have captured a “juvenile” sasquatch and are currently housing it in secrecy at the Marshall County Humane Society.


Many people like go to a movie or to ‘the club’ on a Friday but Joe and I were in the forest as we usually are, making big foot calls and tree knocks as we always do searching for Big Foot,” said Lindsey. “This particular night I think we got lucky. A juvenile Big Foot, that we think was separated from its family unit responded. With the help of some beef jerky we were able to lure it to the bed of Joe’s truck where it rode with us back to the Humane Society.”


Some have said this isn’t a true Big Foot, but look at our photographs. I think they speak for themselves.”


The duo have scorned media attention as their true concern is for the importance of the majestic animal.


We have no intention of keeping this animal in captivity, it belongs in the forest where it came from,” said McKee. “Our hope is that we can simply provide the proper vaccinations and medical attention for the creature and then release it back into the wild. However while the staff at the Humane Society have been so gracious to house this wonderful beast we hope maybe people will be willing to make donations to the Humane Society in the name of Big Foot.”


Lindsey – the self appointed head and lone member of the Big Foot Research Organization (BFRO) who also claims to have been raised by a Big Foot Family in the Pacific Northwest as a child – is asking everyone in Marshall County to think of Big Foot and the Humane Society at this time of year by making a donation of supplies or money to help them help all animals just the way they are helping Sasquatch.


There is a real need every day for supplies like pet food, bleach, blankets, cat litter, laundry detergent, all of it really helps their continuing need,” said Lindsey. “Even as a small monetary donation can go a long well to help animals like Big Foot and others. They have done everything in their power to help Sasquatch and we hope that we can help them take care of all the counties animals.”


Obviously adopting a pet is always a great thing but you can also make a monetary donation to ‘pay it forward’ providing the neutering and vaccination cost for another animal,” said McKee. “Of course an animal like Big Foot can take a lot of supplies and we hope to get donations to help defray that cost for the Humane Society.”


The duo plan to release Big Foot back into the forests of Marshall County on December 30 so they hope that they can get as many donations as possible by that date. At the release anyone wishing to see Big Foot or even take a photograph with the creature can do so by coming to the Shelter on that date.


Anyone wishing to make a donation for the holidays to help house the creature can bring a check payable to the Marshall County Humane Society in any amount, or supplies like pet food, bleach, cat litter, blankets or laundry detergent to the WTCA studios at 112 W. Washington St., in Plymouth or directly to the Marshall County Humane Society or call WTCA at 574-936-4096 or the Humane Society at 574-936-8300.