tritonhighschool_mask1_2016Eighth graders at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School are currently working on plaster masks in art. The students designed their own masks and determined whether they wanted to use their own face or a plastic mold. Those that chose their own face had to have their classmates help them out with the process.

Pictured are (Photo1) Kennedy Kleespie, Lilly Hubert and Matisyn Davis plastering the faces of their classmates Alexis Chancey and Haley Rensberger.

tritonhighschool_mask2_2016(Photo 2) Haley Carson, Hunter Elliott and Parker Alford team up to plaster Trenton Barnhart’s face.

tritonhighschool_mask3_2016(Photo 3) Ivy Powell, Haley Carson and Emma Hepler apply plaster strips to their animal and human mask forms. Ms. Diana Westphal is the art teacher.


tritonhighschool_diabetes1_2016Students in Mrs. Haley Plikerd’s science class at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School researched and then conducted class presentations on diabetes. Pictured presenting in photo 1 is Tiffaney Hughes and

tritonhighschool_diabetes-2_2016 in photo 2: Priscila Ortiz and Madison Stetzel.


tritonhighschool_finite2016The Finite Math students in Mrs. Cindy Stichter’s class at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School each taught one of the lessons on Number Theory as part of their 9 weeks requirements.   Pictured is senior Spencer Johnson leading the lesson on Order of Operations with Integers.