Early votingEarly voting in Marshall County is on track to outpace the 2012 presidential election in November.

During Tuesday’s Marshall County Election Board meeting, County Clerk Deb VanDeMark said 260 people have voted by Travel Board, 641 voted by mail and 2,348 people voted in the clerk’s office or a satellite vote center.  Of the 2,348 walk in voters 171 voted at the Bremen vote center last Saturday and 132 in the Culver vote center.

As of 10 a.m. on Tuesday a total of 3,249 people have voted in Marshall County representing over 10% of the county’s registered voters which is 30,598.

In 2012 a total of 4,013 people voted early.

Voter Registration Deputy, Donna Pontius reported to the Election Board that everyone required to submit a campaign finance report has done so meeting the state regulations.

Clerk Deb VanDeMark said she received a call from the BMV Fraud and Security Enforcement Division.  They are investigating an individual who may possibly be registered to vote in Marshal County and also in Pennsylvania.  They were warning that the person may try and vote in Marshall County and in Pennsylvania where he lives.

If the suspect tries to vote Marshall County will give him a provisional ballot and then notify the BMV Fraud and Security Enforcement Division.

VanDeMark said, “That’s the only thing that we’ve had come up suspiciously in our county as of this date.”