Plymouth Color Logo2014After some discussion the Plymouth Common Council approved on 2nd and 3rd reading the amended 2017 Salary Ordinance.

The initially proposed ordinance did have issues the council wanted to address.

Councilmember Gary Cook said he believed the consensus of the City Council was to award a $1,000 across the board raise to all full time employees but when the salary ordinance was presented there were additional increases.

Three positions in the Clerk’s Office were proposed to rename three deputy positions to Accounts Payable Specialist, EMS Billing Coordinator and Human Resources Director with pay raises of $2,454. Cook did note that duties have increased if the front office and that he could support an additional position in the Clerk’s office to relieve some of the pressure and stress on her personnel.

In the Police Department the Multi-task positions was proposed with an annual increase of $3,515 and the newly created position in the Mayor’s budget titled Promotion of City Coordinator would have an increase over the current secretarial position of $6,364 in 2017. Cook was supportive of the position but not the pay raise.

Councilman Jeff Houin suggested a comprehensive review looking at an analysis of job duties and responsibilities and salaries associated for city employees.  He was supportive of the Promotion of the City Coordinator but felt the additional increases in the Clerk’s office and Police Department needed additional investigation.

Councilman Mike Delp said the positions in the clerk’s office have greater responsibilities and should be compensated for that but suggested a phase in rate increase.  He was supportive of the increase in the P.D. and the new position in the Mayor’s office.

Houin motioned to amend the 2017 salary ordinance to strike the three positions in the Clerk’s Office and strike the rate increase for the Multi-task positions in the Police Department.

The City Council voted 5 to 1 in favor or the amendments with Cook being the lone no vote.  The Council then voted on 2nd and 3rd reading of the amended salary ordinance with the same vote, 5 to 1 with Cook voting against it.