Leo Berger Ditch _1Bids were open for a maintenance project on the Leo Berger Ditch during Monday’s Marshall County Drainage Board meeting.

Five companies submitted bids for the project that will clean and de-brush approximately 3300 feet of the Leo Berger Ditch between Jarrah Road and 7B Road.

Bids received were $4,349 from Beaver Excavating, $3,520 from Langfeldt Excavating, $3,125 from LDP Excavating, $3,135 from Widner and Sons Excavating and the low bidder was Kolesiak Construction with a bid of $2,373.

Leo Berger Ditch _2The bid process requires a 5% bid bond from each contractor.  There was a question because Kolesiak Construction actually included cash for their bond on the project.  Since there are no regulations about a cash bond the county drainage board noted the receipt of the cash during the meeting and then motioned to return all bid bonds for the project.