Ancilla Beef FarmDo you ever wonder what’s in the beef you buy from the grocery store? What have the cattle been fed or inoculated with? Were they raised humanely? What is the impact on the environment of beef you eat? When you choose Ancilla Beef, you can be assured that you’re making the local, environmentally responsible, sustainable, and humane choice.


Ancilla Beef and Grain Farm, a ministry of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ on the campus of The Center at Donaldson, offers naturally raised, hormone and antibiotic free, grass fed and grain finished beef. The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Sisters and Ancilla Beef and Grain Farmers live by the Earth Charter, a belief that the earth, a system of land, water, people, flora, and fauna, will heal when we live in harmony with each other.


To that end, Ancilla Beef cattle roam freely, grazing on grasses in pastures from spring until early winter, when they feast on grains and silage grown by our farmers in Donaldson, respecting both the earth and the animal. Ancilla Beef and Grain Farm has also been recognized as a River Friendly Farm for its sustainable land management practices. By eliminating unnatural, unnecessary and unsustainable practices like overcrowded feedlots, feeding cattle the ground-up remains of other animals, and rampant hormone and antibiotic use, we help build a more just and sustainable 21stcentury.


Ancilla Beef is the best natural beef, available in roasts, steaks, ground beef and canned beef. It’s processed locally and frozen or canned immediately for the ultimate freshness. Taste the difference and reduce your impact on the earth today. Ancilla Beef is available for pick up only at The Center at Donaldson Motherhouse reception, just west of Plymouth. Visit our website,, where you can learn more about our farm, place your order, and peruse delicious recipes and other products. You can also call Bev at (574) 935-1736 for more information.

Written by Barbara Allison, PHJC Communications Office