Dollar General logoThe Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals considered two variances for Pilgrim Capital to allow for the construction of a new Dollar General just south of 303 North Oak Drive during their meeting last week.

The first variance was for a change of use from residential to commercial in a suburban residential district.

The property was replanted by the Plan Commission prior to the meeting to create a lot with access off an easement driveway instead of a direct entrance on Oak Drive as would Pratt’s Floor Covering and the future Blackberry Farm which will be to the west.

Taking a look at the surrounding property you see Pratt’s Floor immediately to the north, Washington Discovery Academy across the street and a residential parcel south of the development.

Dollar General _ContractorMike Thompson, a civil engineer with Hamilton Designs representing Second Circle Acquisitions, a developer for Dollar General appeared before the board and said Dollar General doesn’t build their building, they have developers build the buildings and then lease them long term.

The developer will build the easement road and maintain it.

The board unanimously approved the Variance of Use easement.

The second variance was for a development of standard to reduce the side buffer yard setback from the required 20 feet to 9 feet.  A 6 foot fence will be placed with partial landscaping.  

This variance also was approved unanimously.