Bicentennial_AgProject_1On Monday March 7, the first steps of a sophomore class-wide significant historical agricultural project started.   76 students from the Weidner School of Inquiry at Plymouth High School walked to the Marshall County Museum Historic Crossroads Center downtown.   Their journey was less than a mile, but the significance of this project’s scope has potential to span Marshall County’s 449.74 square miles.

The Marshall County Agricultural Bicentennial Project will involve  WSOI students documenting the historical significance of farming and agriculture by providing an oral history of Marshall County in all different aspects with emphasis on agriculture.

Bicentennial_AgProject_2Next week, students will soon be videotaping documentary style interviews with key landmark farming families about the agriculture and the historical impact their families have made on shaping the Marshall County farming culture and heritage.

Once the project is complete, the interviews will be preserved at the Marshall County Museum Historic Crossroads Center where the community can access the interviews for decades to come.

Bicentennial_AgProject_3The project is already attracting key Indiana political figures such as U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly (IN), who serves on the Agriculture Committee.  Senator Donnelly will be visiting the Weidner School of Inquiry at PHS to talk with the students about this important Bicentennial project on Friday, March 11.

Photos by PHS students Zach Moser and Tristen McMillen