TennisCourt_OptionBIt’s not clear if there is enough money to start the building project for the new tennis courts but after Monday night’s Plymouth Park Board meeting, it’s now known how much is needed.

Two bids were opened for the project, one from Ziolkowski Construction of South Bend and the other from Michiana Contracting from Plymouth.

The base bid had three options for the timing of construction.  Ziolkowski bid on all three options: (Option A is May 1 to September 1) with a bid of $1,943,500 while (Option B is September 7 to April 1, 2017) with a bid of $1,972,500 and (Option C is May 1 to October 31) with a base bid of $1,928,500.  Michiana Contracting only bid on Option C with an amount of $1,799,200.

There are also four alternatives to the project, two are additions and two are deductions.  Alternate1 is the addition and renovations to the Freyman Shelter: Ziolkowski $450,000 and Michiana Contracting $320,00. Alternate 2 is the addition of a masonry entrance gate: Ziolkowski $29,500 and Michiana Contracting $22,230. Alternate 3 is a deduction for the 4 small tennis courts; Ziolkowski would deduct $150,000 while Michiana would deduct $170,700.  The other deduction is for the tennis court and parking lot lighting: Ziolkowski would reduce their bid by $263,000 and Michiana would reduce $227,157.

Bids were taken under advisement and an executive committee of Dave Morrow, Mike Kershner and Jim Causey will meet today at 11 to review the bids and check on the available funding for the project.

To date the City of Plymouth has pledged $750,000 for the project and the Plymouth Community School Corporation has pledged $250,000.  It’s unclear how much private funding is in hand and how much has been pledged for the project.