Menominee3rdGraders-SchoolBoardFive Menominee Elementary 3rd graders shared how they are applying lessons on “growth mindset” with the Plymouth School Board on November 10. Representing their class and teacher, Mrs. Carla Knotts, were Claire Lewandowski, Marley Christy, Brice Hoover, Mason Bales, and Lena Jones.

Menominee Principal, Steven Boyer, explained how the lessons came about saying, “Our motto is “Be Better Than You Were Yesterday”. “ That is achieved through optimism, effort, and perseverance, our growth mindset values.”

Boyer said, “My greatest purpose as an elementary principal is to instill a growth mindset in those whom I serve, particularly teachers and students.” He added, “I engaged teachers in a book study over “Mindsets in the Classroom”. Throughout our study, we as a staff were engaged in ongoing dialogue aimed at language and practices we could utilize to develop and foster growth mindsets within the students in our classrooms.”

Knotts said , “It is ok to struggle and feel challenged.”

The students instructed Board members to use plastic cups of different colors to indicate if they were understanding the lessons they were highlighting. Each student shared the values that they were trying to achieve in terms of never giving up. Hoover said, “The most important role in our classroom is to be an encourager.” He said they help each other hide a negative feeling and replace it with a positive one. All of the students said,” You have only failed if you have given up.”