Election newsThe Municipal Elections in Plymouth, Argos and Culver were the first general elections for Marshall County Clerk Treasurer Deb VanDeMark and as fate would have it, there were some unusual events.

First thing on Tuesday morning VanDeMark was at the Culver Depot working on the new electronic poll pads when the electricity went out.  As prepared as they could be, a power outage was not anticipated and without electric the poll pads don’t work so the emergency paper ballots were used.  Only 9 paper ballots were used and the electricity was back up in about an hour.

Another unusual event is a tie for the Argos Town Council Seats.  Four candidates were on the ballot to fill three seats.  Republican Juli Stauffer received the most votes with 140 while second was Republican Craig Ellis with 126 votes.  The other two candidates, Republican Charles Randy Snead and Democrat Dustin Johnson each received 121 votes. The decision will be made by the Argos Town Council, but Dustin Johnson who already is a council member won’t be able to vote in that decision.  If by chance that vote would end in a tie the Argos Clerk Treasurer would make the determination.

The final unusual event, which the election board doesn’t believe has ever happened in Marshall County, was the election of a Libertarian candidate.  The sole Libertarian on the municipal ballots in Marshall County, Joel Samuelson was seeking a seat on the Culver Town Council. Samuelson was victorious gathering the second highest number of votes.