The Marshall County Museum in downtown Plymouth hosted their bi-annual Ghost Walk on Saturday evening.  Local citizens portrayed some of Marshall County’s past who died in some tragic situations.

GhostWalk_Trella HoldermanTrella Holderman was a widow living with her sister near Tippecanoe when a kitchen accident with hot paraffin caught her clothing on fire.  Despite running out of the house and her sister throwing water on her, she burned to death. Trella was portrayed by Anita Kopetski.

GhostWalk_Fred KuhnFred Kuhn ran a meat market on Michigan Street for many years, he built the slaughter house that Price’s Abattoir occupied in later years and he sold Buick’s near the Michigan Street Bridge.  Kuhn was portrayed by Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter.

GhostWalk_Delbert HarrisDelbert Harris, a young man from Brightside Orphanage died doing a Slide for Life stunt.  A cable is attached to a high point, like a smoke stack and the daredevil slides down.  We might compare it to zip-lines today.  Delbert’s cable broke and he plunged to his death. Harris was portrayed by Paul Falkowski.

GhostWalk_Ivan PershingIvan Pershing was portrayed by Hugh Rettinger.  Pershing died of a brain injury a couple of days after he was involved in a tree-cutting accident.

gHOSTwALK_Noah CarpenterNoah Carpenter who was from the Culver area went to work in the Kingsbury Ordnance plant.  One day while at work an ammunition shell fell on the floor and exploded near his work station.   Carpenter was the only person killed in the incident. Carpenter was portrayed by Allen Shockney.

gHOSTwALK_Jacob NessJacob Ness was a builder and architect who was a significant influence in today’s appearance of downtown Plymouth.  He built St. Michael’s rectory, St. Thomas Church, and the Montgomery Ward building.  Ness was portrayed by local architect Kurt Garner.

GhostWalk_Edith Walters Davis BoggsEdith Walters Davis met Ghost Walk visitors near the bus station in the Museum.  She sent a number of sons to serve in World War II.  Davis was portrayed by Teressa Davis Welborn.

GhostWalk_Clarence AlbrightClarence Albright died when he was touching a metal farm building that was struck by lightning.  Albright was portrayed by Jamie Irwin.

GhostWalk_Frank HouinKen Houin portrayed his relation, Frank Houin who was a farmer, a catholic and was an immigrant.  He started his life in the states in Wisconsin where he met and married his wife.  Shortly after they moved to Marshall County.   Many of the family remain in agriculture in the area.

Nearly 150 people attended the Ghost Walk at the Marshall County Museum.

The next Ghost Walk will be in the fall of 2017.