murder-chargesMarshall County Prosecuting Attorney Nelson Chipman amended the charges against 24 year old Krysti Lavanway and 21 year old Shane Weedling Thursday shortly after Lavanway entered a plea of guilty to Neglect of a Dependent Resulting in Death before Marshall Superior Court I Judge Robert Bowen.

Mugshot_Lavanway,KrystiAn additional charge of Murder has been filed against Krysti Lavanway in the death of her two year old daughter, Serenity Wilson.

In court documents Chipman alleges that Lavanway did knowingly kill another human being on September 19th.

MugShot_Weedling, ShaneA charge of Murder was also filed against Shane Weedling.  Chipman indicated that Weedling did knowingly kill another human being, Serenity Wilson.  His initial charge of Aggravate Battery, a level 1 felony states that he knowingly or intentionally inflicted injury on Serenity Wilson, his girlfriend’s daughter while babysitting her on September 18th.  That injury created a substantial risk of death and did result in the death of Serenity Wilson on September 19th.