Plymouth_Logo_2014The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety opened bids for the demolition of four residential units that have been purchased by the city with FEMA money.   The projects include the homes at 320, 321 and 323 East LaPorte Street and 401 Cleveland Street.

Four companies presented bids for the demo projects.  They bid each home separately and a combination price.  Combo prices include Langfeldt Excavating at $33,800; Richard Brothers Inc. from South Bend at $89,394; Lenker Services of Plymouth at $36,875 and Jackson Services of Rochester for $32,500.  The bids were taken under advisement for review with an award expected at the next city meeting.  The project is budgeted in this year’s City Properties fund.

Bids were also open for the Redevelopment Commission’s downtown brick project Monday evening.  Only two companies bid on the five options.  Option one is the primary brick replacement project on the east side of Michigan Street along with locations on Garro and Adams Streets.  Option two is both sides of East LaPorte Street west of Michigan and option three is to clean and water proof all the bricks while option four is replacement of the trash cans with new ones that include a recycling side and the final option is re-lamping the existing street lighting with LED lights instead of the 105 watt incandescent lights.   Pioneer Associates of Albion IN bid $530,073 for all five options and Robert Henry Corp. of South Bend submitted a total bid of $268,300.

The bids will be reviewed and presented to the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission at their meeting tonight at 5:30 in the Council Chambers of City Hall.