501_Court House
Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin is being honored for his courageous battle with terminal cancer by individuals and businesses all over Plymouth.

501_WalgreensThe 501 STRONG signs in windows, on marquees and inside stores are everywhere showing support to the Sheriff.

501_TacoBellThe 501 in the sign is Tom’s call sign on the scanner when he’s on duty.

501_St MichaelThose who don’t have a scanner may not realize that names are not used, instead call signs are.

501_PonderosaThe 501 stand for Marshall County being the 50th county in the state just like on our license plates and the 1 represents Chamberlin being the Sheriff with the number 1 sign.

501_SearsThe rest of the Sheriff’s department staff; captain, detectives, and patrol officers follow down in numerical order with 502, 503 ect….

501_Duke of OilChamberlin has been battling a rare form of cancer, neuroendocrine cancer.  This type of cancer affects the nervous system and the endocrine system.    Chemo treatments have been taxing on his body and at this point the family has elected to stop the treatments.

501_Dairy QueenThe community has not only stepped up with signs of support, but those close to the family have provided support with meals, prayers, transportation and anything else the family needs.

501_Centennial Park