Tom Chamberlin_Award_1During Thursday’s Republican Gold Outing an award from Governor Pence was presented to the son and daughter of Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin. 

Chamberlin is battling cancer and was not well enough to attend.

Tom Chamberlin_Award_2Marshall County Clerk Deb VanDerMark and Commissioner Kevin Overmyer presented the Governors Award for Excellence in Service to Tom and Meredith.

The award states:   Whereas, he has made significant contributions to the Indiana community and Whereas, the qualities and characteristics he has displayed reflect the best of the Great State of Indiana and

Whereas, Indiana recognizes as an individual that he has given time and talents out of an abiding sense of responsibility, commitment and concern for others and is worthy to join the ranks of these honorees,

Now Therefore, I Michael R. Pence, Governor of the State of Indiana, do hereby bestow upon Tom Chamberlin the Governors Award for Excellence in Service. 

 Tom Chamberlin_Award_3VanDeMark noted some Tom’s history.  She told the crowd gathered, “Tom has been serving the public since he was 13 years old.”  Tom’s parents moved from Fort Wayne to Argos in 1970 and became owners of Harvey’s Café.  Tom started out as a busboy and dishwasher moving up to cook.  In 1978 he left the restaurant but continued serving the public.  He helped build the Log House Village and became owner with Lynn Harley at the Log House Marina.  After leaving the marina he worked at Ely’s Saw Mill where he was a lumber grader. 

Tom Chamberlin_Award_4While walking home from work, Bob McGriff stopped to take Tom home.  Working at the Argos Police Department, he told Tom they were going to hire and wondered if he would be interested.  In 1982 Tom started his career in law enforcement at the Argos Police Department.  He worked there for 3 years and in 1985 moved to Plymouth and started as a patrolman at the Plymouth Police Department.  During his time there he climbed the ladder becoming investigate, sergeant and served 10 years as Chief of Police. 


Tom was stopped by Kevin Overmyer and wondered if he ever thought of running for County Commissioner.  In 2004 Tom was elected County Commissioner and was reelected to a 2nd term in 2008.  After 6 years as a commissioner he decided to run for County Sheriff and in 2010 was elected.  In 2014 he won his second term as Sheriff.  In all Tom Chamberlin has 27 years of combined law enforcement with the Town of Argos, City of Plymouth and Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.