Monday morning the Marshall County Council will meet beginning at 9 a.m. in the second floor meeting room of the County Building. 

Agenda for the meeting includes a personnel replacement request by Wes burden in the Health Department and Sheriff Tom Chamberlin will discuss Prisoner Care.

There are several additional appropriations on the agenda including $8,000 for a new copier for the Auditor.  She would like to use her Ineligible Homestead Deduction Fund.  Court Services is seeking $8,100 for software and maintenance with the required funding coming from fees paid by clients using the home detention services. 

WIC is asking for an additional of $4,782 to increase wage rates to the state’s amounts.  This funding if through a federal grant and EMA is seeking an additional of $3,276.45 for 911 equipment backup.  This is part of a reimbursement grant that will be repaid to the county. 

In other business the County Council will hear the Auditor’s Report and they are expected to approve the intergovernmental agreement with the City of Plymouth pertaining to the Metronet Project. 

The Public is welcome to attend but comments are limited to the first item of business.