Members of the Plymouth Community School Corporation are invited to a free showing of the documentary, “Rise Above the Mark,” at the Plymouth High School Auditorium on Thursday, May 15 at 7:00 p.m.

The presentation will be moderated by Dr. Rocky Killion

Superintendent, West Lafayette Community School Corporation.  (Please use North Doors (#5) to enter building)

The purpose of “Rise Above the Mark” is to educate the general public about the “corporate takeover” of Indiana public schools and to inform parents, community members and educators on what they can do to protect their local public schools. The documentary argues that legislators are calling the shots and putting public schools in an ever-shrinking box.

Leading experts such as Diane Revitch, Linda-Darling-Hammond, and Marc Tucker, whose interviews appear in the documentary address the themes of the corporate takeover of public schools and diversion of public funds to private entities, the dismantling of public schools disguised as “school choice” and “school vouchers” and the adverse impact standardized testing and using test scores to evaluate teachers is having on the teaching profession and public school students.

Also discussed is the money grab of private companies that benefit from the so-called reform, which are not required to play by the same rules as public schools, the research on the best education systems in the world and what we can learn from them and a blueprint for parents, community members and educators involvement in the “reform.”

The presentation will make a request for support and resources to achieve our school district’s mission which is to engage our students in a world-class educational experience that prepares them to be well- rounded, innovative, creative, productive, and adaptive citizens who will shape our global society.

Everyone is urged to attend the presentation.