An employee of the Plymouth Community School Corporation resigned earlier this month and was escorted off school property by the School Resource Officer. 

WTCA has received several requests to investigate the removal of an employee at Plymouth High School.  Because it is a personnel matter, there is limited information that can be released.

We asked Plymouth Police Chief Dave Bacon if an arrest was made and his comment was, “He was not arrested.  The SRO simply escorted him out as he exited the building.  Handcuffs were not used as it was an internal school matter.”


We asked Superintendent Dan Tyree about the incident and if the employee was fired and removed in hand cuffs as the rumors around town were saying.  Tyree’s response was, “People like to embellish. He was not taken out in handcuffs. There was a short investigation and there was nothing criminal done. He chose to resign. If the police had been involved, it would have been in the police blotter.”  WTCA was informed that that when an employee resigns or is terminated they are normally escorted out of the grounds or buildings.


The employee was a classified staff member of PHS.

Because personnel matters are private and confidential and since there was nothing criminal, this is the limit of information WTCA was able to receive.