It’s never easy winning on the road, little lone at Don Bunge Feild in Bremen.  But Friday night the Rockies snapped a two year skid against the Bremen Lions with 34-13 win.

“This was a great win to start our season”, said Rockies Head Coach John Barron.  “I thought we did well in stopping Bremen from getting out of the gate on a handful of important drives.  And you have to make the stops in early games like this to develop confidence as a unit.”

Plymouth scored first in the opening quarter (10:12) when Senior Michael Hartman ran for 63 yards on a 4 play-75 yard drive that took up 1:48 of clock to give Plymouth a  7-0 lead.

“A good drive for us.  I wanted to get off to  good start, we did.  Again it’s a confidence thing scoring first on the road.”, said Barron.
Plymouth added to their 14-0 lead just before halftime (1:46) when starting Sophomore QB Jack  Barron ran it in from 3 yards on a  4 play-59 yard drive  eliminating just 1:06 of the first half clock to give Plymouth a 14 -0 advantage.

Plymouth’s defense was next up with 1:46 left.  Bremen got it to the Lion 35 and Brent Louderback fumbled the football where the Rockies recovered.   End result was a touchdown pass to Dakota Brooke from Jack Barron of 13 yards and 26 seconds left in the half.

“That was a HUGE takeaway for us!  We just were flying to the football.   Jeremy Splix knocked the ball out of the Bremen runningback hands and we scored afterwards.  That’s Rockies football.”, added Barron.

The third quarter didn’t start off any better for Bremen, as Plymouth scored on thier first drive of the 2nd half.  Two minutes into the quarter, Plymouth’s Justin Drudge exploded from 50 yards away on an option play from Barron.  It came on the 2nd play of the drive eating  just :17 seconds off the 3rd quarter clock.   Plymouth led 27-0.

“How fast is Drudge, man….”, said Barron.  “Once he took the edge on that run, you knew no one was going to catch him.  But again, that’s the kind of skilled players we have this year.”
Bremen finally scored in the 4th at the 9:07 mark.   Bremen’s  Wilson scored on a 3 yard run on a 4 play-80 yard drive making the score Plymout 27 -Bremen-6.
Dakota Brooke capped the scoring for Plymouth at the 7:26 mark, with a 18 yardd run on a  5 play-53 yard drive to make the score 34-6 Plymouth.
Bremen added another score with 3:19 remaining as Jon Stoller ran 3 yards on 10 play to make the final 34 – 13 Plymouth.

“I was happy with our teams performance.  Everyone seemed to contribute.  HOWEVER…..we also had a ridiculous 197 yds in penalties.  Normally teams don’t win with that many penalty yards against them.  We will address that this week.”, said Coach Barron.