07/19/13 Congresswoman Jackie Walorski released the following statement in response to a recent report stating the U.S. medical device industry has paid more than $1 billion to the federal government since the implementation of Obamacare’s 2.3 percent medical device tax in January:

“I am deeply concerned that over $1 billion in taxes have already been paid to the federal government as a result of the onerous medical device tax. 

“This is unfair to American families, especially considering the Obama Administration just announced the employer mandate will be added to a growing list of delayed provisions in this trainwreck legislation. 

“Northern Indiana is a global leader of the orthopedic industry, and Hoosier medical device companies in my district vehemently oppose this tax because it stifles innovation and prohibits economic growth.  If this continues, this tax could impact consumers, including veterans, seniors, and the most vulnerable.

“If the Administration is not equipped to implement a law passed over three years ago, they should not be wrongfully forcing job creators to pay over $1 billion dollars in additional taxes. 

“The medical device tax is one of many bad policies causing uncertainty for the workforce and business community, and the entire law should be permanently delayed once and for all.”