The 7th grade girls track team won their meet against Bremen last night with a score of 51-49.  Victoria Styers was a triple first place winner in long jump, 100m dash and 4×400 relay.

Others placing for Lincoln:
Allie Dennie- 1st Hurdles, 1st 400m
Zoe Keilman- 3rd discus, 3rd shot put
Kennedy Snyder- 2nd high jump
Emme Listenberger- 3rd high jump
Ashley Harrell- 3rd long jump
Nicole Horvath- 2nd shot put
Hanna Hopple- 2nd hurdles
Lanae Singleton- 1st 4×400 relay, 2nd 200m, 3rd 100m
Rachel Crawford- 1st 800, 1st 4×400 relay, 2nd 1600m
Alysha Jackson- 3rd 400m
Maddy Samuelson- 1st 4×400 relay
Brittani Splix- 1st 4×400 relay

The 8th grade girls lost against Bremen with a score of 45.5-54.5.  Lexi Mahabeer was a triple first place winner in long jump, 4×100 relay, 4×400 relay and placed second in the 100m dash.

Others placing for Lincoln:
Sydney Oliver: 1st Hurdles, 1st 4×100 relay and 3rd 100m dash.
Sara Smith- 3rd Discus and 3rd Shot Put
Lexie Simpson- 3rd (tie) High Jump
Audrey Pratt- 1st 4×100 relay, 1st 4×400 relay, 2nd long jump
Elise Patrick- 1st 4×100 relay, 1st 4×400 relay
Kierra Willis- 2nd 800, 3rd 1600
Kaylie Barden- 1st 4×400 relay, 2nd 400m, 3rd Long Jump
Beth Jackson- 3rd Hurdles, 3rd 400m
Maggie Phillips- 3rd 200m