01/21/11 BPA sponsor Chad Miley wanted to make sure students involved in BPA received congratulations for an outstanding performance at this year’s 2011 District Leadership Conference that took place last Saturday in Warsaw. He said,  “I am so proud of their performance and the way they represented our school and community with true class.  I am also very proud of the way that they have helped and supported each other since the beginning of the school year.  They truly are a united team that will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  What a wonderful group of young people to work with!”

2011 BPA District Leadership Conference Results

January 15, 2011

Warsaw High School

Members in Bold Have Advanced to State Leadership Conference.


Fundamental Accounting                             Payroll Accounting (PHS Wins All SLC Spots)

Patrick Felke-1st                                           Fletch Craft-1st

Lane Singleton-3rd                                       Matt Scheetz-2nd

Tyler Crum-5th                                               Morgan Hill-3rd

Micah Harner-7th                                            Calvin Eads-4th

Aiden Osman-8th                                           Caitlin Jung-5th 

                                                                        Karson Doll-6th

Keyboarding Production                              Fundamental Word Processing

(PHS Wins All SLC Spots)                           (PHS Wins All SLC Spots)  

Kelly Bryant-1st                                              Kelly Bryant-1st

Emily Blake-2nd                                            Jacob Schrock-2nd

Micah Harner-3rd                                         Kaitlyn Brettin-3rd

Scott Cawthon-4th                                        Caitlin Jung-4th

Tyler Crum-5th

Karl Faulstich-6th

Morgan Sissel-8th


Desktop Publishing                                       Basic Office Systems and Procedures

Kelli Weist-2nd                                              Kaitlyn Brettin-1st

Jacob Schrock-3rd                                        Sam VanVoorhis-2nd

Chelsey Burkus-8th               


Prepared Speech                                           Extemporaneous Speech                             

Sarah Gouker-2nd                                        Patrick Felke-1st

Courtney Harris-3rd                                     AJ Ruffing-6th

Interview Skills                                              Medical Office Procedures

Maja Howard-4th                                           Sam VanVoorhis-1st


Administrative Support Team-1st               Small Business Management Team-1st

Eric Blake                                                      Courtney Harris

Scott Cawthon                                               Bryt Hiatt

Fletch Craft                                                   Maja Howard

Morgan Hill                                                   Lane Singleton


Database Applications                                  Advanced Spreadsheets

Mike Treat-1st                                               Karl Faulstich-1st


Global Marketing Team-1st                         Advanced Word Processing

Luke Bumpus                                                Calvin Eads-3rd

Sarah Gouker                                                Kelli Weist-5th

Mitch Holloway                                             Karson Doll-6th

Matt Scutchfield                                            AJ Ruffing-7th


PC Servicing and Troubleshooting             Computer Security

Logan May-1st                                              Logan May-1st

Jacob Lenburg-2nd                                      Jacob Lenburg-2nd


Fundamental Spreadsheets                          Broadcast Team-1st

Eric Blake-2nd                                              Sam Compton

Josh Zehner-3rd                                            Mike Treat

Matt Scheetz-5th

Emily Blake-6th                                              Advanced Interview Skills

Mitch Holloway-7th                                       Bryt Hiatt-2nd

Morgan Sissel-8th                                           Luke Bumpus-3rd

Medalist Winners in Open Events

Insurance Concepts-Micah Harner

 Marketing, Management, Human ResourcesLogan May

Information Technology Concepts-Logan May, Micah Harner

Administrative Support Concepts-Matt Scutchfield, Logan May, Micah Harne

Financial Math and Analysis-Logan May, Caitlin Jung, Kelly Bryant

Members Advancing to State Leadership Conference in Two Events

Patrick Felke                                                                                                   Lane Singleton

Fletch Craft                                                                                                     Morgan Hill

Kelly Bryant                                                                                                   Scott Cawthon

Jacob Schrock                                                                                                 Kaitlyn Brettin

Sam VanVoorhis                                                                                             Sarah Gouker

Courtney Harris                                                                                              Eric Blake

Mike Treat                                                                                                       Bryt Hiatt

Logan May                                                                                                      Jacob Lenburg

                                                                Calvin Eads

Other Conference Notes

        Administrative Support Team wins fourth straight District Title.

  • This year with three new members.

        Small Business Management Team wins third District Title in four years.

  • This year with three new members.

        30 members have advanced to State Leadership Conference, with 17 members advancing in two events.

        Four PHS teams competed at DLC and all four brought home District Titles.

        The 2011 District Leadership Conference has been the most successful DLC in PHS history.