01/20/11  Representative Todd Rokita (R-IN) released the following statement in support of repealing and replacing the Democrats’ costly new health care law:

“The people of Indiana sent me to Washington, DC with very specific instructions: get the government out of my life.

Twenty-six states have now challenged the Constitutionality of this law and the American people just don’t like a law that restricts free markets, squashes consumer choice, and destroys jobs.

Bankrupting our country with a landslide of mandates, dictates, controls, tax hikes and subsidies piles debt on future generations is hardly what I’d call a victory.  

We need genuine Constitutionally sound reforms that increase competition, expand access to care and reduce burdensome legal and regulatory costs.

The best solutions to the most common problems should include Health Savings Accounts, portable plans, and access for those with pre-existing conditions.

For the uninsured, the Federal government should consider what we do in Indiana. The Healthy Indiana Plan is an HSA-based, consumer driven option, which provides individuals the purchasing power they deserve

It’s easy to see that quicker legislation isn’t better legislation. Bigger legislation isn’t better legislation. America’s health care needs deserve better than this. It’s time to repeal and replace ObamaCare with a common sense health care plan that puts the power where it belongs – in the hands of the American people.”