12/16/10 Tuesday night the Plymouth Board of Aviation Commissioners gave their verbal approval to proceed from the first draft of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for 2011 to the final document.  The CIP outlines cost estimates for preferred projects being considered for a period between 2011 and 2016 and will be submitted to INDOT for consideration of the long-range plans of the State.

The Board has approximately $150,000 in NPE (Non-Primary Entitlement) funds available in 2011.

The CIP has fifteen projects that are prioritized over the next 7 years with the final reimbursement for the Stockberger property being on the top of the list for 2011. The amount is listed at $35,000.  Also next year is the reconstruction of the corporate apron abutting the airport’s two corporate hangers and maintenance hangar.  The apron is exhibiting significant pavement failures of different types.  The engineers have estimated the project a $256,000.  The final project scheduled for 2011 is runway obstruction removal analysis and feasibility study for an estimated $35,000. Obstructions can include tree removal and or obstruction lighting, land acquisition, and the relocation of Lilac Road.

Other projects in the coming years for the CIP include updating the Airport Layout Plan and installation of an automated weather observing system in 2012.  In 2013 is the implementation of the obstruction removal and phase 2 environmental approvals.   Obstruction removals would continue in phases through 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Looking beyond 2016 the Engineering firm recommends project #9 reconstruction of runway and hanger taxiways phase 1 design, phase 2 construction, Land acquisition reimbursement for the Neidig property, installation of additional wildlife fencing, construction of a T-hangar taxiway and 12 unit T-hangar and finally terminal building improvements.

The CIP states that the Plymouth Municipal Airport presently has 23 based aircraft. The most frequent and critical (business) users of the airport are: Trans Marine Mgmt. Corp., Citationshares, One Hotel Alpha, Family Video,  Charlie Aviation, Golden Giant, Johnsonville Leasing, and Horizon Aviation.

The last two INDOT documented annual operations at the airport based on an acoustical count were 10,845 in 2004 and 6,625 in 2008.  This level of activity is comparable to Logansport/Cass County Airport, New Castle/Henry County Municipal Airport and the Portland Municipal Airport.