12/03/10 Lincoln Junior High Principal Dan Funston recently released the results of the Power of Partnership Parent Survey.  This survey was conducted as part of a Parent and School Leadership Academy that the school is participating in this year.  The goal is to help parents engage in their student’s education.  The goal is not to increase participation in volunteer activities, but to help parents discuss with their kids what is going on in school and also to help parents support what their children are learning in school.

More than 250 parents took the survey, so Funston feels they have enough responses to consider the data valid.  A quick summary of the survey shows that 91.3% either agreed or strongly agreed that LJH is “inviting” and a place where parents “belong.”

94.7% of parents either agreed or strongly agreed that “Lincoln Junior High’s policies and programs reflect, respect, and value the diversity of the families in the community.”

94.8% of parents agree or strongly agree that LJH keeps all families informed about important issues and events.

95.2% agree or strongly agree that LJH communicates with families in multiple ways (e.g., email, phone, website)

51.6% of parents strongly agreed or agreed that their student’s teachers communicate with them on a regular basis.

69.9% agreed or strongly agreed that teachers keep them well informed about how their student is doing in school and

56.5% agree or strongly agree that LJH consults with them and other families before making important decision such as changes in curriculum, school policies, and dress codes.