11/12/10 With the holidays fast approaching, more motorists will be hitting the road.  As the number of vehicles increase, so does the potential for traffic collisions on Indiana roadways.

To ensure everyone arrives at their destination safely, All Local Law Enforcement Agencies in Marshall County will join hundreds of state and local law enforcement agencies to participate in Indiana’s Safe Family Travel enforcement effort.  The effort includes high-visibility seat belt and impaired driving patrols that will take place November 12 through November 28, including the Thanksgiving holiday period.

According to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI), there were nearly 2,000 collisions in Indiana during the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday period (6 p.m. November 25th through 6 a.m. November 30th).  Of those incidents, 127 were alcohol-related.

“For many, the holidays are the happiest time of year, but can quickly become tragic when a loved one is involved in a collision,” said Patrolman Kerry Brouyette of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.  “We ask that all motorists put safety first this November by always wearing their seat belts and designating a sober driver if their activities or Thanksgiving celebration includes the use of alcohol.”