11/09/10 Seventeen members of the Marshall County 4-H Drill Team were honored on Saturday night at the end of the season banquet. Drill Sergeant Harry Eskridge gave each of the participants a medal to commemorate the lessons learned during the year. As always, one of the highlights of the program was a video of the young riders at the Marshall County 4-H fair and parades they participated in.

Eskridge said, “These kids do not give up.”

Among those speaking at the banquet was Jack Roose, Marshall County Commissioner. Referring to the team members as “good will ambassadors for the county” Roose said, “I personally want to thank all of you on the Drill Team. This type of activity is exactly wanted we need.” He added, “It takes a lot of self-discipline. The pursuit of excellence is not for the faint of heart.”

Roose presented Eskridge and fellow leader Wayne Nifong a plaque of appreciation from the Marshall County Commissioners.

Lynn Rasch who has headed up the Girls Equestrian Drill team at Culver Academies for 24 years shared a video of the Culver team’s exhibition at the World Equestrian Games held in Lexington, Kentucky. The Culver team was asked to carry the flags during the opening ceremonies of the games. The Marshall County Drill team has consistently honored our country by presenting the American flag during ceremonies and parades.

Gale Reese was also asked to say a few words to the team. Reese said, “I’ve been with   4-H all my life.” He advised the participants to give their horses praise and always be kind to them.

Dr. Joel Schumacher, father of member Abby Schumacher, said he has watched their work, fun, frustrations and successes. He reminded them of the relationships that they have built with one another.

Special guests for the evening were members of the VFW, American Legion and the Marshall County National Guard unit. Leader Jeni Nifong thanked them for their service to the country. Nifong said, “It’s in your image that we try to build up this team.”

The 2010 4-H Drill Team members and the number of years on the team include : Megan Beery, one year; Olivia Beery, one year; Kale Carlson, four years; Kate Carlson, four years; Drew Dodson, one year; Matt Eggert, six years; Kristen Gustafson, six years; Skylar Hampshire, one year; Tyler Ramenda, two years; Eliza Kelly, five years; Stephanie Nifong, eight years; Elise Rollins, seven years; Savannah Rudynski, one year; Abby Schumacher, five years; Jacob Stokes, one year; Brianna Kintzel, one year; and Ashlee Yoder, six years.