10/29/10 Sr. Carleen Wrasman, PHJC, was on hand as presenter for Ancilla College’s second Lampen Lecture Series of the academic year, examining the topic of “Who/What is God?”

The lecture followed the previous one in September, which studied the two stories of creation in the Book of Genesis.  In this particular edition, the lecture demonstrated differences in the description of God in each story.

“By studying the verbs in the first story, we can see that the description of God is one of power, one above us, one who gives orders and it happens,” said Wrasman.  “The verbs in the second story of creation show us that God is described as being close to humans, forming humans and animals out of dust and breathing life into Adam.  This picture of God is one of intimate relationships with creation.”

The Lampen Lecture Series is held in Ancilla College room 231 and is a free presentation open to the public.

The series was named for Sr. Joel Lampen, the first president of Ancilla College, who opened the doors of Ancilla to the local community.

The Lampen Lecture Series was designed to combine the universality of the Catholic Church, the international character of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, who sponsor Ancilla College, and the Earth Charter to promote thinking beyond one’s own experiences and interests.

Ancilla College is a Catholic, two-year, co-educational, liberal arts college in Donaldson, Indiana sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.