10/28/10 This week the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved change order #2 on the EDA TechFarm Project.

Brent Martin presented a complete rundown that included:  adding end of road markers at the west end of Miller Drive and Wright Drive and the four future driveways at an additional cost of $3,410.

The second item was to delete the fence on top of the concrete headwall at the ditch crossing for a deduction of $7,295.

Martin also suggested deleting the guardrail at the future ditch crossing at the far west end of Miller Drive for a deduction of $7,950.  His suggestion was to have the developer pay for the guardrail.

The fourth item involved the sanitary sewer at the west end is currently an 8 inch instead of the anticipated 10 inch.  The restocking fee and correct pipe size was an increase of $1,010.

Another change involves an uncharted field tile that was discovered in the area of the east ditch crossing.  The project required the field tile being dug up and an extension installed into the ditch crossing concrete headwall at an additional cost of $3,378.

The sixth item is an additional of $2,415 to allow for the placement of some stone on the existing north ditch bank at the eastern ditch crossing because the bank is so steep.

Another money saving idea was changing from grass plugs in the landscaping area to grass seed for a deduction of $14,425.

The final item in the TechFarm change order was to provide aggregate under-cut and soil stabilization fabric for the far eastern area of the circular drive due to poor soil conditions at an additional cost of $67,166.

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved the presented changes for a total change order additional amount of $45,709.