10/26/10 Earlier this month the Marshall County Council met and approved the 2011 Budget.  County Auditor Penny Lukenbill reported that the adopted budget was $10,594,000 but after making corrections and actual budget for next year came in at $10,577,251.   It was noted by the Auditor that County department heads did an excellent job of using funds efficiently.  Lukenbill continued by say, “additional appropriations are way down thanks to our department heads.”

The Auditor did notify Council members of the upcoming November request of the Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau to increase the County’s Innkeepers Tax. Marshall County implemented the 3% tax in 1991.  State Statue allows for a tax rate of 3% up to 5% that is set by the County Council.

Looking at the counties that surround Marshall you will find one with a tax rate of 3%, that one being Fulton County.  Four counties have tax rates of 5%; Elkhart, Kosciusko, LaPorte, and Starke while Saint Joseph County has a rate of 6%. 

66 of Indiana’s 92 counties have implemented Innkeeper’s Tax rates.