10/20/10 Jana’s Gymnastics Bronze and Silver Teams opened the season by competing in the “Flippin’ Into Fall” Gymnastics Invitational on Saturday, October 16th in Warsaw.  Both Jana’s Teams won first place in the meet.  Jana’s gymnasts must reach an All-Around score of 32.0 to qualify to compete in their state meet in March and every single gymnast met that goal.  This was only their first meet of the season.



Sara Hunter: Vault 8.175(4th), Bars 9.45(2nd), Beam 9.125(3rd), Floor 9.45(2nd), AA 36.2(2nd)

Lauren Miller: Vault 8.0, Bars 9.425(3rd), Beam 8.5, Floor 8.9, AA 34.825(5th)

Kennedy Lauck: Vault 8.425(3rd), Bars 9.35(4th), Beam 9.3(1st), Floor 9.0, AA 36.075(3rd)

Abby Machnic: Vault 8.15, Bars 8.7, Beam 8.95(4th), Floor 9.075(4th), AA 34.875(4th)

Seja Lang: Vault 8.45(2nd), Bars 8.25, Beam 8.9, Floor 8.8, AA 34.4(7th)

Claudia Marohn: Vault 7.675, Bars 9.3, Beam 8.2, Floor 9.35(3rd), AA 34.525(6th)

Ellie Dishon: Vault 8.7(1st), Bars 9.575(1st), Beam 9.225(2nd), Floor 9.5(1st), AA 37.0(1st)

Caitlin Kulpa: Vault 8.225(4th), Bars 9.325(3rd), Beam 9.2(3rd), Floor 9.35(2nd), AA 36.1(2nd)

Zailey Hess: Vault 8.65(1st), Bars 9.275(4th), Beam 8.1, Floor 9.2, 35.225(8th)

Katie Lauck: Vault 8.125, Bars 9.075, Beam 9.35(2nd), Floor 8.9, AA 35.45(6th)

Jadyn Evans: Vault 8.25(3rd), Bars 9.45(1st), Beam 9.65(1st), Floor 9.3(3rd), AA 36.65(1st)

Andie Kizer: Vault 8.55(2nd), Bars 9.25, Beam 8.975, Floor 9.075, AA 35.85(4th)

Allison Layne: Vault 7.95, Bars 9.35(2nd), Beam 9.1, Floor 9.275(4th), AA 35.675(5th)

Dessa Lang: Vault 8.2, Bars 9.25, Beam 8.85, Floor 9.15, AA 35.45(7th)

Julia Marohn: Vault 8.175, Bars 9.2, Beam 9.2(3rd), Floor 9.525(1st), AA 36.1(2nd)

Ashly Deleon: Vault 8.3(1st), Bars 9.4(1st), Beam 8.9(1st), floor 9.025(1st), AA 35.625(1st)


Kyla Heckaman: Vault 8.55(3rd), Bars 9.475(1st), Beam 9.8(1st), Floor 9.2(2nd), AA 37.025(1st)

Hope Stone: Vault 8.45(4th), Bars 8.85, Beam 8.3, Floor 8.9(4th), AA 34.5(6th)

Emma Delinski: Vault 7.6, Bars 9.05(4th), Beam 9.375(2nd), Floor 9.35(1st), AA 35.375(3rd)

Kaitlyn Hunsberger: Vault 8.3, Bars 8.925, Beam 8.625, Floor 8.85, AA 34.7(5th)

Mia Harvey: Vault 7.8, Bars 9.1(3rd), Beam 9.1(4th), Floor 8.5, AA 34.5(6th)

Bailey Eveland: Vault 8.6(2nd), Bars 8.65, Beam 9.175(3rd), Floor 8.7, AA 35.125(4th)

Lexi Miller: Vault 8.75(1st), Bars 9.275(2nd), Beam 8.625, Floor 9.0(3rd), AA 35.65(2nd)

Kendall Rhodes: Vault 8.3(4th), Bars 8.45, Beam 9.05(1st), Floor 8.925(3rd), AA 34.725(4th)

Molly Richie: Vault 8.0, Bars 8.9(4th), Beam 8.025, Floor 8.8, AA 33.725(7th)

Karly Gruett: Vault 8.125, Bars 8.6, Beam 8.725(3rd), Floor 9.275(1st), AA 34.725(4th)

Belle Beeson: Vault 8.55(2nd), Bars 8.9(4th), Beam 8.3, Floor 8.8, AA 34.55(6th)

Taylor Marrs: Vault 8.35(3rd), Bars 8.45, Beam 9.075(1st), Floor 8.5, AA 34.375(3rd)

Alison Webb: Vault 8.05, Bars 9.0(1st), Beam 9.05(2nd), Floor 9.15(2nd), AA 35.25(1st)

Barbie Kimmel: Vault 8.8(1st), Bars 8.55(3rd), Beam 5.45, Floor 9.2(1st), AA 32.0(4th)

Bronze Team – 1st Place

Pictured are L to R:  Seja Lang, Claudia Marohn, Abby Machnic, Kennedy Lauck, Allison Layne, Lauren Miller, Dessa Lang, Sara Hunter, Katie Lauck, Caitlin Kulpa, Zailey Hess, Ashly Deleon, Andie Kizer, Jadyn Evans, Ellie Dishon and Julia Marohn.

Silver Team – 1st Place

Pictured are:  Front Row: Mia Harvey, Kaitlyn Hunsberger, Molly Richie, Bailey Eveland, Emma Delinski, Kyla Heckaman, Hope Stone.  Back Row: Karly Gruett, Belle Beeson, Kendall Rhodes, Barbie Kimmel, Alison Webb, Taylor Marrs and Lexi Miller.