10/13/10 Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita is reminding voters, who may be unable to vote in-person on or would like to vote prior to Election Day, of alternative options for casting their ballots.

“Allowing voters to cast an absentee ballot in-person or through the mail will help ensure every voter is afforded the opportunity to cast a ballot,” Secretary Rokita said. “During the May Primary, more than 95,000 Hoosiers voted absentee along with more than 660,000 in the 2008 General Election.”

 Any eligible voter can cast an absentee ballot in-person before Nov. 2 at their county election board office, which is generally in the county clerk’s office; or a designated satellite location approved by the local county election board. Voters choosing to vote absentee in-person have until noon on Nov. 1 – the day before Election Day – to cast their ballots. 

Secretary Rokita also emphasized voters must present a federal or State of Indiana issued photo ID in order to cast their ballots in-person.

 However, if a voter can not cast their ballot in-person, they can mail their absentee ballot through the mail. To be eligible to vote absentee by mail, a voter must qualify for one of the following specific reasons: 

  • Being out of the county on Election Day;
  • Being scheduled to work at their regular job during the entire 12 hours the polls are open;
  • Being over 65 years old;
  • Being a voter with a disability;
  • If he or she is scheduled to perform official election duties outside of their precinct;
  • Being confined due to illness or injury;
  • Being a caretaker of someone confined due to illness or injury; or
  • Being a member of the military or a public safety officer.

 Secretary Rokita said if a voter meets any of the criteria, they can  fill out an absentee voter application to vote by mail and either fax, deliver or mail the application to their county election board by midnight, Oct. 25. Once they received the application, the county election board will review the voter’s absentee application and, if approved, will mail the voter an absentee ballot for completion. Voters should keep in mind their mailed-in ballots must arrive to the county election board no later than Election Day to be counted. Absentee ballots may be faxed or e-mailed to certain military and overseas voters, at the voter’s request.  However, there are exceptions for military and overseas voters if the ballot is postmarked by Election Day. 

 Additionally, voters who are confined and need to have their ballot delivered by a traveling voter board – consisting of a bipartisan team of county election workers – can fax, deliver or mail their application to the county election board by noon on Nov.1.

 Hoosiers can visit www.IndianaVoters.com or call the Hoosier Hotline, 866-IN-1-VOTE to:

  • Find absentee voting applications;
  • Find information on how to prepare for Election Day, including who is on their ballot;
  • Determine if they are registered to vote;
  • Locate their polling place; and
  • Find information on how to cast an absentee ballot.

Hoosiers can also find information on the website about Indiana’s photo ID requirement to vote.