10/11/10 From 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, October 15, Wythougan Valley Preservation Council (WVPC) is hosting their annual meeting at the Marshall County Museum in downtown Plymouth. 

 The public is invited to attend and take a walking tour of all three floors of the recently renovated Simons Building, The City Center, and St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church. Tickets may be purchased at the Museum for $5 for members of WVPC and $10 for non-members. 

 Light refreshments are being served at The City Center where Amy Lant Wenger will be signing copies of her recently published Marshall County Indiana A Brief History.   

 The organist of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church at the intersection of Center and Adams Street will be playing the pipe organ for those who stop in to see the architecture of this historic building.  The congregation is celebrating 150 years in Plymouth with a special service on Oct. 17.  

 At 7:00 Friday evening all are invited to return to the Marshall County Historical Museum for a brief business meeting and the presentation of this year’s Heritage Awards.  This event is also a fund-raiser for WVPC. 

 A generous challenge match has been offered by John Oliver to the preservation group for $15,000 for a dollar to dollar match, as well as an extra $5000 if the group can double its membership by the end of the year.  Oliver’s donation and the matching funds have been used to start a fund within the Marshall County Community Foundation.