09/30/10 This October, cooperative members around the world will celebrate Co-op Month, an event to commemorate the cooperative movement’s history and achievements.

Since 1930, Co-op Month has been celebrated annually every October. Each year, the national event provides the opportunity to remember cooperatives’ proud history and promote awareness of and support for the cooperative difference. This year’s theme also celebrates the advantages of cooperative membership. Value, trust and service are just some of the many benefits of being a cooperative member. That’s true here and with other cooperatives across the United States. A philosophy of member service lies at the core of all cooperatives, and it’s an advantage that has distinguished co-ops for more than 150 years.

Cooperatives are not-for-profit businesses that provide an effective and viable alternative to business with more than 130 million members across the United States. They exist to serve their members, meeting the needs of their community that might otherwise not be met.

Marshall County REMC (Rural Electric Membership Cooperation) is no exception. We have been providing reliable and affordable electricity to Marshall County and parts of St. Joseph, Kosciusko, Fulton, Starke and Elkhart counties since 1935. Marshall County REMC currently serves over 6,000 members with over 1,000 miles of energized lines.

This Co-op Month we hope everyone will join us in celebrating the cooperative difference, our proud cooperative heritage and the wonderful opportunities cooperative membership will offer Marshall County REMC members for many years to come.