09/22/10 The Board of Directors of the Marshall County Community Foundation is pleased to announce the results of the recently completed Generations Initiative for Not-for-Profits Matching Program.  Thirteen permanent endowment funds benefitting not-for profit agencies received $53,760.04 in matching funds from the initiative.  In addition, those same funds collectively received private donations of $207,520.08, which generated the matching dollars.

            The thirteen permanent endowment funds are:

Bourbon Public Library Endowment Fund

Bremen Public Schools Education Endowment Fund

Community Hospital of Bremen Fund

Craig Woolfington Cancer Research Fund

First United Methodist Church Endowment Fund

Friends of the Culver Youth Center Fund

Jane’s Park Endowment

Marshall County Historical Society Fund

John J. Oliver Speech and Debate Fund

Dustin Lee Ronk Memorial Fund

Herschell J. and Gladys M. Umbaugh Fund for the Plymouth Park and Recreation Department United Way of Marshall County Endowment Fund

Mary A. and William S. Young Arts Fund

            The success of the matching program was summed up by Jennifer S. Maddox, President and CEO, who commented, “Our desire was to see endowment funding for local not-for-profit agencies grow substantially so that future generations could benefit from the thoughtful acts of people who are living today.”  She stated further, “The investment of over $261,000 into thirteen new and existing permanent endowment funds speaks volumes about the generosity of our local citizens.”

            The Generations Initiative was a matching gift program offered by the MCCF Board of Directors.  Eligible contributions received from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010 received a match of 50 cents for every dollar contributed to a new or existing permanent endowment fund benefitting not-for-profit agencies.  The matching opportunity ended at the close of the MCCF fiscal year.

The mission of the Marshall County Community Foundation is to serve all of Marshall County, its people and its future through the growth and administration of endowment funding and philanthropy.

For information, contact Joseph K. Goepfrich, CFRE, vice president for development, Marshall County Community Foundation at 574-935-5159, or visit www.marshallcountycf.org